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The Beyond

The Beyond is a true classic of the horror genre, directed by the Italian filmmaker Lucio Fulci, who is widely considered to be the “Godfather of Gore.” The film was first released in 1981, but it still holds up to this day and remains one of the most effective and terrifying zombie movies ever made.

The story of The Beyond follows a woman named Liza, who inherits a hotel in Louisiana. As she begins to settle in and make repairs, she discovers that the hotel is built on one of the seven gates to Hell. The hotel is haunted by demons and other terrifying creatures, and Liza must fight for her life to survive and close the gate before it’s too late. The film is full of graphic violence, gore and over-the-top special effects that will make your skin crawl.

Fulci’s films are known for their atmospheric settings and moody cinematography, and The Beyond is no exception. The film is set in Louisiana, and the use of the location adds to the eerie and terrifying atmosphere of the film. The hotel in the film is a character in itself, adding to the sense of unease and dread as the story unfolds. The cinematography is also noteworthy, with the use of close-ups, slow-motion, and other techniques that create a sense of tension and suspense.

One of the most memorable aspects of The Beyond is its use of special effects. The film features some of the most graphic and gory special effects ever put on film. The zombies in the film are particularly terrifying, with their rotting flesh and blank eyes. The special effects are used to great effect in creating a sense of unease and horror.

The Beyond is not just a horror film, it’s also a film that explores themes of death, the afterlife, and the consequences of our actions. The film touches on the idea that the dead are not truly gone, and that they can still affect the living. This adds to the overall sense of dread and unease that permeates the film.

Fulci’s filmography is characterized by graphic violence and gore and his use of atmospheric settings and moody cinematography, making The Beyond the peak of his filmography. He has influenced generations of horror directors and helped influence the modern zombie movie. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over forty years since Lucio Fulci unleashed his masterpiece of horror, The Beyond. This film is a masterpiece, and it is still one of the most effective zombie movies ever made.

The Beyond was re-released in 1998 by Grindhouse Releasing and Rolling Thunder Films as part of their theatrical tour to promote their remastered version of the film. Many people had the chance to see it at midnight showings across the country including myself. It was an experience that I will never forget. My father had taken me to a midnight showing of “The Beyond” at the Tivoli theater when I was just 12 years old, and the eerie and terrifying sights and sounds that I saw and heard that night on the big screen, will stay with me forever. The Beyond is a true classic of the genre, and it is not to be missed by horror fans.