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Savage Cinema is striving to become the premiere horror web-based publication. Specializing in films post 1950, sometimes we offer reviews and articles on genre classics.

Submission Guidelines

For those interested in becoming a contributing author of the Savage Cinema webzine, send your inquiries to us along with sample writing of your choice.

The webzine is broken down into the following:

A feature story that will be longer in comparison to all the other sub-divisions of the page. The feature most be over 1,000 words and usually is horror oriented.

Two-Three additional articles will follow. These are not as important as the feature but could be similar in length. Articles can be based on film, soundtrack, television, or any other medium approved. Articles must be no longer than 1,000 words.

Reviews of films, soundtracks, books, videos or DVDs, that may be of interest to the readers. Reviews should be limited to around 500 words or less.

A section entitled Previously Viewed. These will be articles and/or reviews on selected titles in the Savage Cinema film vault. These are the trashiest and sleaziest movies ever made.

100% Weird, a section based on the strangest films in cinema history. Continuing where TNT's Monster vision left off, this section along with Previously Viewed are the largest pages next to the Feature. Their shouldn't be over 800 words in this section.

The Editorial is an article written by the webmaster covering events surrounding the making of that months issue of Savage Cinema.

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