Issue 1: January 2003: Contents

Doctor Butcher: Medical DeviateFrom Mailzines to WebzinesSmoken Dope and Pumping IronRequiem In BloodBlood FeastBattle of the WorldsMicrowave MassacreA Taste of HellThe History of Savage Cinema

Issue 2: Summer 2003: Contents

House on the Edge of the ParkGangs on FilmHot Schlock HorrorManiacThe Incredible Melting ManBurnt Rubber & Black LeatherEditorial:Where O Where did my Savage Cinema GO?

Issue 3: October 2003: Contents

Taxi DriverKill BillHalloween HolidayDead and BuriedNekrofileFor Lucio Fulci: A Symphony of Fear28 Days LaterHouse of 1,000 CorpsesInvaders from Mars;Hercules Films

Issue 4: March 2004: Contents

Easy RiderEl MariachiButcher of KC: Bob BerdellaPsych OutCabin FeverJimi Hendrix Experience Box SetBarry Miles: HippieEaten AlivePulp FictionGator BaitBride of the Monster

Issue 5: March 2005: Contents

DemonsHelter SkelterNew York RipperRace with the DevilSawNight of the CometStreet FighterA Fistful of DollarsDying Room OnlyReefer Madness

Issue 6: June 2005: Contents

Frank Miller’s Sin CityRevenge of the SithLand of the DeadThe Hills Have Eyes;Cannibal HolocaustBeyond TerrorZombieMotel HellThe Night of the Sorcerers;Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Issue 7: December 2008: Contents

Africa AddioPiecesBerdellaTrue BloodHitch HikeThe Killer Must Kill Again;Criminally Insane

Issue 8: June 2010: Contents

Porno HolocustBerdella DVDChas Balun RIPToo Short: Living LegendThe Mother of TearsDjangoSurvival of the DeadWelcome to DeathrowSisters of Satan1990 Bronx Warriors

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